Introducing – The Ground Hog
Ontoto’s new sub-terrain telemetry unit.

The Ground Hog is a revolutionary new telemetry unit for the measurement of environmental sensors such as soil moisture content and salinity. Unlike most telemetry for soil moisture, the ground hog emits from below ground to ensure it is not damaged by farm equipment, livestock or wild life.

The Ground Hog is also ultra-low power, with a sleep currant of 2uA. Battery life is between 5 and 10 years and it runs on replaceable alkaline batteries (Duracell). It can even handle power hungry sensors.

The Ground Hog uses MODBUS or SDI12 protocols and can be paired with a huge variety of sensors, AND AS USUAL, Ontoto will make sure they talk first go.

The Ground Hog can be IP68 rated, so even if the area floods, it can’t drown a Ground Hog.

Another unique benefit of the Ground Hog is its 2 way LoRa communication. The Ground Hog communicates with its base station (up to 1Km away) via LoRa. Its base station, the Meerkat, concentrates the data and sends it via 3G/4G mobile network to the FREE Ontoto web portal so that the data can be viewed anywhere.

You can connect via LoRa many Ground Hog’s to each Meerkat. As always with Ontoto products, site set up and configuration is simple with the Ontoto Android App via BLE connection. Configurations also can be changed at any time via the Ontoto web portal.

Finally, the Ground Hog is inexpensive so that you can have multiple sites and hence, richer data on the same budget.

The Ontoto GROUND HOG, the only rodent you want in the field.