Ontoto’s Environmental Monitoring System, The next-generation weather station that delivers unmatched accuracy to your data.

ontoto environmental monitoring system and air quality sensor

A weather station so advanced, yet so simple to setup and use. The Environmental Monitoring system can be easily set to record data at any interval. From as little as one minute, up to one year. Don’t sacrifice the integrity of your data with manual logging, our data is sent autonomously via 4G straight to your web portal.

access your data in real-time via the Ontoto API

Your data, wherever you need it

Access your data in real-time from your web browser & mobile devices. Export your data easily as a CSV file to import to other applications like SCADA and Excel. Integration is simple & secure with Ontoto’s API, so you can access your data literally anywhere at anytime.

A secure & reliable data solution with redundancy built in

Designed with security & redundancy in mind, backups of your data are safely stored via the cloud & on the device itself, giving you total peace of mind on your data’s integrity.

secure backup and access to data
ultra low power data logger

Ultra energy-efficient, zero-emissions data logging.

The Environmental monitoring system is ultra energy efficient (with a sleeping current of only 2 micro-amps) & powered by solar & battery, giving you an ultra reliable and maintenance free logging solution.

Seamless integration & data migration with other data logging solutions

By design, our devices and software integrate seamlessly with other solutions such as the hobo data loggers and In-Situ monitoring solutions.
Already have a data logging system and would like to move to us? Migration with Ontoto’s Web portal is super easy!
Simply export your data from your old loggers as a CSV file and then upload it to the Ontoto Web portal.

seamless integration and system migration with other data loggers such as the hobo data logger

Ontoto Connect – quick & easy configuration of your data logger

ontoto connect application

Setting up & configuring your data logger is super easy with the free Ontoto Connect iOS & Android application. Get push notifications, data insights and more, right from your mobile phone. Click here to download the application for android. The iOS version can be found under “Ontoto Connect” on the iOS App Store. Learn More

Ontoto’s web portal – A powerful suite of tools for your data

Derive parameters, get statistics & visualize your data, all in real-time via the web portal. With total control & flexibility over your measurements, you can focus on what matters most. Learn More

a wide range of weather station models

A wide range of weather station models to fit your needs

Get the metrics you need with our line of high-resolution sensors:

  • Solar Radiation
  • Precipitation
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Air Pressure
  • Wind Speed, Wind Direction & Gust speed
  • Lightning Strikes & Strike Distance
  • Air quality & Particulate Matter (PM 2.5 – PM 10)
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