Ontoto’s Android Application

The Ontoto Android application provides a gateway to communicate with the loggers, providing customers with a fast and efficient way of initially installing and configuring their device. Click here to download the application.

Configuration Options:

  • Offline configuration is used when setting up the logger initially. Your mobile needs to be within a 10 m radius of the logger
  • Online configuration is used when the logger is active. For Example, the reporting cycle of the logger can be configured remotely without going to the site. Our loggers always communicate with the Ontoto server via API to receive updates such as configuration changes and firmware updates.

Configure logger offline

  • Step 1: Attach the sensor to logger and turn on the logger
  • Step 2: Turn on the Android Application and click configure device offline. ( Note, your mobile should be within a 10m range of the logger )
  • Step 3: Click Scan, if the logger is powered on, the logger name will appear on the available device list with a default name “Ontoto”.  Click connect, now connection will be made between logger and Android application via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Device )
Click Scan Button
  • Step 4: Now Dashboard will be displayed
App Main Page
  • Step 5: Click “Run network test” to view the available network and 4G signal strength
Network Test Result
  • Step 6: Click “Set Configuration” to set values such as reporting cycle ( every hour, every day, once a week … ) and logger name
Device Config Page
  • Step 7: Click “Test Sensor” to ensure connected sensors are working properly
  • Step 8: Click “Set cal values” to set  calibration values such as DIP values
Add DIP Values
  • Step 9: Finally click “Start device” to bring the logger online and it will send an email according to the reporting cycle configuration. When the start button is pressed, the device will run the internal diagnostics and once the results are positive, the logger will go online. If there are any issues with the logger an alert message will be displayed.