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Ontoto Pty Ltd

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Remote Telemetry Data Logging...

Using an Intelligent digital sensor; our logger will sample the water column, then using the 3G network; email the data back to you (all at individualy customisable periods).Our product installs into new ground water monuments; or simply retro fits into existing ones.

No Bachelor-of-Programming required as the Greyhound arrives pre-configured; batteries included and ready to install. All designed and manufactured in Australia and the people who created this product, support you from right here in Australia.

We are confident in the quality of our equipment and the experience you'll have using it. So much in fact; we have decided to back this up with an industry leading 5-year warranty. Let Ontoto change the way you think about groundwater monitoring.


Ontoto are Exhibiting at:


Local Government NSW 2016 Water Management Conference

28th to 30th Aug-2016


Water World 2016